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Leak repair and drain line work

Nearly all homes in the greater Houston area are built on concrete slabs because the soil is very unstable and the water table is very high. Slab foundations may reduce some of the structural risk to your home, but it won’t eliminate it. plumbing issues under the slab or foundation are issues that must be taken care of immediately.


Most of the soil in Houston has a high content of clay, which is sensitive to moisture fluctuations. Introduction of water into clay causes it to expand and heave upward, subjecting foundations to pressures from underneath. In extreme cases, the slab and flooring can erupt and water floods every room on the ground floor. Homes also have sewer lines that direct the flow of waste water out from the house, which can crack and cause damage, as well causing waste water to flow back into the house. 


If you suspect that you hav a pipe leak under your slab call us immediately so we can detect it and fix it as quick as possible to avoid over moisture of the soil under your house which will lead to further foundation issues and possible breakage of other sewer lines under your house. We are a houston plumbing company that can help you in all your plumbing repairs and plumbing service us today to schedule your estimate.

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