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At GEI Plumbing Services company we provide a wide range of Plumbing Services to costumers in Stafford TX. GEI Plumbin Services is managed by Ido Cohen who is an expert and reliable plumber, who has many years of experience in awarding Plumbing services in Houston Texas and nearby cities. Ido and the team have a great love for plumbing work and fix problems. The company has a long line of satisfied and loyal customers. 

About GEI Plumbing Services

All the work in the company is supervised by Ido Cohen, a plumber with over 28 years of experience in the field of plumbing, professionalism at the highest level. We use of the most efficient and modern tools. Our specialization as a company is in locating and repairing difficult and complicated liquidity and returning the situation to its former state in the highest finish.

In order to provide his customers with the best service at a warranty and at a fair price, Ido Cohen combines the comprehensive professional knowledge And the vast experience he gained during his years of work, along with the use of diverse and state-of-the-art plumbing equipment such as a thermographic camera for leak detection Underfloor and hidden moisture, fiber optics for photographing sewer lines, high pressure washing truck, sewer and so on. And no less important – with a kind, cordial, trustworthy and considerate attitude to the customer, combined with a constant smile.

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    Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

    Leak Detection

    Full House Repipe Service

    Gas Leak Repair

    Dishwasher Installation

    Plumbing Fixture Replacement

    Water Heater Installation

    Kitchen Renovation

    What our clients think

    Real Google Reviews

    We love our clients and they love our work. Our team is very experienced in both residential and commercial projects.

    Thomas ArbourThomas Arbour
    15:47 05 Dec 22
    They responded promptly to my call and were able to replace my leaky pipe right away. The technician was helpful, fast, and courteous. He not only fixed my leaky pipe, but he also offered me some great tips on how to keep it from happening again in the future! I heartily endorse GEI Plumbing Services if you require a plumber or any other kind of service.
    Marion WeberMarion Weber
    18:33 19 Nov 22
    With GEI Plumbing Services, we had a wonderful experience. Within 24 hours after our initial call, they were able to come out and clear several drains for us. The plumber was helpful and quick. He even provided us with advice on how to maintain clean drains in the future. Overall, we were very satisfied with their service and would suggest them to anyone else looking for a great plumber!
    Van MeyersVan Meyers
    17:26 28 Oct 22
    We had a great experience with GEI Plumbing Services. We called them for some drain cleaning and they were able to come out within 24 hours of our call. The plumber was friendly and efficient. He even gave us tips on how to keep drains clean in the future! Overall, we were really happy with the service we got from them, and would recommend them to anyone else looking for a great plumber!
    Geoffrey HaleGeoffrey Hale
    10:50 24 Oct 22
    GEI Plumbing did a truly great job. He was on time and quick to find the problem with the leaky pipe. He went out and purchased the pump and came back and installed it without any problems. In addition, he also graciously fixed another pipe that was in sub optimal condition. He was very thorough and knowledgeable. I'd most definitely recommend him to anyone and will certainly call him again if I need plumbing assistance. In addition, he provides a one year warranty - so it definitely is a great option!!
    Amber StableAmber Stable
    04:29 10 Oct 22
    Evan and his crew replaced the water line from the street into the house and from the water main through the ceiling to the water heater. Evan answered all of my questions and went out of his way to help me understand the scope of the work and figured out a way to minimize cost and repairs. He was exceptionally decent, hard working and his crew did an excellent job - I wish I would've called him years ago! When my mother needed a plumber we contacted Evan again and she was completely pleased with both his work and courteous service. It's not often to see such admirable work ethic these days. I am 100% delighted with the work done.
    Kristen ChafinKristen Chafin
    17:01 19 Mar 22
    Our need was to have a new faucet set installed on an older Caesar stone sink surface in a bathroom. Once the work got started, it was discovered that the holes for the tap sleeves were a wee bit too small, and they needed to be reamed out. Once that was done by a stone cutter, the installers returned to complete the installation of the faucet set. A small leak was subsequently discovered, which was then very quickly remedied. The connection is now working perfectly. It was three trips for the guys at GEI Plumbing Services of Houston, but they were very polite, left the job site clean, and were happy to return, even though I'm sure they wished they could have done it all in one trip! No extra charges were incurred. I am pleased to recommend them, and I will be happy to call them again for our plumbing needs.
    Joe TylerJoe Tyler
    13:19 17 Mar 22
    Clark and his team are all awesome! I have used them several times and each time they impress me with their professionalism and excellent quality work. We used them recently for several planned and unplanned plumbing jobs and they responded quickly, were very effective in the repairs, client service focused, efficient and incredibly clean and tidy!! They were also knowledgable about rebate programs and even helped fill out the necessary paperwork. I also appreciated Clark's honest and integrity -- unlike others we had dealt with in the past--Clark never tried to oversell services; he was honest about which changes would provide the best value. Really appreciated this honesty and integrity!! Would not hesitate to use again and to recommend!
    Matthew L ChavisMatthew L Chavis
    13:25 15 Mar 22
    Peter and his excellent assistant Clark had done several pretty major work ( the 3 listed + a couple of others ) at our house, over a period of about 3 years. His work has been well executed, timely and most importantly, problem free. He has been very good at a few minor adjustments that we needed to do to improve on his installations, all complimentary. This company has become our go-to place for plumbing issues. I will not hesitate to recommend him and his crew .
    James BurksJames Burks
    18:55 19 Feb 22
    I wanted to make some changes to my bathroom. I called this company. GEI Plumbing Services is a truly excellent firm to work with; they're professional and want to succeed, which is perfectly alright. Very talented and hard-working guys. This is the top company in the entire city of Houston. These are the guys you're looking for if you need hard-working people. They are focused and professional. The pricing is reasonable. It comes highly recommended!
    Ismael ColsonIsmael Colson
    19:54 18 Feb 22
    I saw this service online, I messaged, not expecting to get a response so quickly, but yes, it was real. GEI Plumbing Services of Houston performed several works for us. We bought a new house, and there was a need for plumbing work in the kitchen and bathroom. They made it on time. They were very professional, responsive, and hardworking. They were clean and left the place spotless. They were considerate. They worked hard to get both jobs done in one day! We are highly glad about the level of service.

    Emergency Plumber Stafford

    Ordering Plumbing Services That Will Put an End To Sewage Malfunctions in Your Home or Business!

    Today there are lots of plumbers in Stafford who will offer you magic solutions at extremely cheap prices. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them do not know how to handle your sewage malfunctions professionally, effectively and quickly and can even cause further damage. We invite you to call us right now to get an attractive and affordable statement from a top-notch plumber in Stafford who will solve any sewer malfunction at top speed.

    Stafford Plumbing Available For You 24/7

    With us you can order a professional and reliable plumber in Stafford at an attractive price. The GEI Plumbing Service s team is here for you In order to provide you with the most advanced solutions in the field of plumbing. You can order plumbing services in Stafford that will reach you quickly.

    To Hire Our Services Call Now 832-499-5257

    Sewer Services Stafford

    In Stafford, the majority of the houses build with galvanized pipes. This pipes are notorious for being corroded and get clogged.  Is your home experiencing low water pressure, problems running more than one faucet at a time, brown or rusty looking water? If you are experiencing any of those signs, then it’s time to get some repiping done. we will replace you older pipes with newer pet pipes or PVC Pipes which both are design to solve all the issues cause by the older galvanized pipes. our professional plumber take will care of it for you. Our licensed plumbers have the skills and experience to make sure your home is properly taken care of. We are a Stafford plumbing company that can help you in all your plumbing repairs and plumbing service needs. call us today to schedule your estimate. 

    What Does the Emergency Plumbing Service Stafford Include?

    A plumber in Stafford is far beyond a professional who clears blockages in sinks or toilets. Plumbing is a comprehensive field that includes specialization in domestic sewer systems that can be used for a wide range of repairs, renovations and replacements of the plumbing systems in your home, such as:

    Photographing sewer lines
    Low water pressure treatment
    Replacing a water switchboard
    Water leak detection
    Bathroom renovation
    Installing gutters
    Pipe replacement
    Removal of roots in the sewer

    When to Order Plumbers in Stafford?

    The market is flooded with various home appliances and plumbing troubleshooting solutions and we encourage you to try to solve them on your own with joy and love and even invite you to a free consultation and guidance call without any obligation. If you have not been able to resolve the plumbing malfunctions in your home or they occur too many times, we recommend that you contact us. That way we can reach and diagnose the malfunction in depth to provide you with a complete and comprehensive solution that will repair your plumbing system and prevent future malfunctions.       

    Why Choose GEI Plumbing Services

    We have many clients in Houston and the surrounding area. You too are welcome to join our circle of customers and enjoy all the benefits.

    General Plumbing Maintenance

    Leaky faucet? Clogged toilet? We got you covered with our wide range of plumbing maintenance services.

    24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

    No matter the time or day we are on call to serve you.

    Quality Service is Our Guarantee

    We offer a wide range of plumbing services catered to both residential and commercial clients.

    The Best Way to Identify a Recommended Plumber

    As we stated, the world of plumbing is full of competitors who promise lots of promises at low to ridiculous prices, making it difficult for you as a customer to identify a true professional who will be able to solve your plumbing faults quickly and at affordable prices. Besides the webpage, innovative equipment and the years of experience, there is one way to figure out if the plumber you talked to will really live up to his promises. A professional and experienced plumber in Stafford will hold telephone numbers of past clients and offer you to talk to them in order to get a scale regarding his professionalism so we recommend not to be ashamed and ask to speak to past clients.

    All Ways to Detect Sewer Faults

    Sewage faults are the result of a lack of regular maintenance and improper use of toilets and sinks. Therefore, flooding or clogging in the sink or toilet that happened to you is not a foregone conclusion and faults can be detected in time if only the following symptoms are noticed:

    The color of the walls begins to peel off
    Appearance of mold on the various walls
    Dampness detected even though it did not rain
    Noises of water flow in the walls when all the taps are closed
    You have found that your water bill has swelled disproportionately
    The walls swelled

    How to Perform Routine Maintenance on The Plumbing System in Your Home?

    Proper routine maintenance can prevent or at least delay the next plumber’s visit to your home. For your convenience we have written a short and effective guide that does not require prior knowledge but will definitely help you take care of your plumbing efficiently and successfully.

    Toilet blockage - Using a pump or spiral can open most blockages in the toilet provided that not too much heavy waste (wipes, toothpicks, pads, etc.) has been thrown into it that accumulates and becomes a kind of wall that blocks the flow of fluids.
    Emptying the deck under the sink - The pipe that connects the sinks to the sewer functions as a kind of filter and therefore absorbs a lot of waste. By dismantling the deck and cleaning it, the flow of liquids from the sink to the sewer can be improved, thus preventing flooding.
    Stopping Liquidity - Sometimes, often due to faulty rubbers, water begins to leak slowly but over time. Beyond wasting water, your water bill will swell and surfaces the liquid touches might be damaged.
    Solar water heater cleaning - Simple cleaning of the solar water heater and collectors can prevent water pressure drop.

    Residential Plumbing Stafford 24 Hours

    Need professional advice from a plumber in Stafford? Looking for an urgent plumber service at night or on weekends? The expert team of GEI Plumbing Services is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing plumbing solutions and also free consultation without obligation. Feel free to contact us 24 hours a day. We will provide you with fast and professional service at all times.

    Call for Service 832-499-5257

    Leaky Faucet? No Plumbing Job is Too Big or Too Small. Call Now!

    Ask the Plumbing expert

    Frequently Asked Question

    Our extensive experience in the field of plumbing has helped us to identify specific questions that occur many times from the various clients we have dealt with over time. So, we decided to focus on the main ones to help you better understand the world of plumbing.

    Why is there a smell of sewage from the sink
    The sinks are the interface point of the sewer system with your home and through them the various liquids flow from your sinks. Over time, dirt accumulates in the pipes themselves and on the deck installed under the sink and begins to smell horrible sewage.
    How can a hidden water leak be detected
    This type of water leak can cause significant damage to the walls of your home so if you have detected an increase in your water bill but no increase in water consumption, we recommend recording the meter reading at night and comparing the reading in the morning. If consumption has gone up, you probably have a hidden leak.
    What can be done to get rid of the awful smell in the sink
    With a few simple steps you can remove the deck, clean it and get rid of the odor and dirt. All you have to do is disassemble the deck (do not forget to place a bucket under the sink to prevent spillage of liquids) and clean it using a screwdriver or any other thin object. To clean it best it is recommended to soak the deck in a bucket with water and bleach for an hour so that all the dirt comes out.

    Leaky Faucet? No Plumbing Job is Too Big or Too Small. Call Now!

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