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    Washing machine installation Houston

    Plumber in Houston 24 hour service. Did the boiler explode? The house is flooded in the middle of the night? On the eve of a holiday? Looking for a plumber in Houston? GEIplumbingservices A professional plumber at a fair price. For a no-obligation quote – call now.

    Washing machine maintenance tips

    A washing machine is made of durable materials that can wear out if used incorrectly, or if maintenance is poor, so that the machine will continue to operate for a long time and for always clean laundry, little attention should be paid to routine maintenance.

    Only operate the washing machine when it is full. This way there will be less abrasion to parts of the machine.
    Stainless steel pipes are better than plastic pipes, braided stainless steel pipes are more resistant to leaks and cracks and last longer.
    Cleaning the filter once every few weeks, from scraps of cloth, soap, hair and other dirt frequently will prevent clogging and breakdown of the machine.
    Be careful not to leave metal objects in the pockets of clothing such as: coins, nails and screws, these can cause a rupture in the rubber of the machine drum.
    Half a cup of vinegar and operating the machine (in a normal program without soaking) at a temperature of 90 degrees once every three months will prevent scale buildup and clogging.
    Leave the machine door open to prevent unpleasant odors and mold, if there is mold on the machine rubber it can be wiped with a cloth and bleach or vinegar.
    Check for water leaks from washing machine pipes.
    Sometimes remnants of fabric softener accumulate inside the washing powder compartment, to prevent clogging, the fabric softener should be shaken before use, you can dilute fabric softener with water, and if the washing powder compartment is dirty it should be removed from the rail and cleaned with a brush and running water.
    Make sure that the washing machine is straight and stable, so that it curls less from side to side during squeezing and of course there will be no wear and tear on the parts of the machine.

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