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plumbing is what we do

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Leaky faucet? Clogged toilet? We got you covered with our wide range of plumbing maintenance services.

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We offer a wide range of plumbing services catered to both residential and commercial clients.

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We have many clients in Houston and the surrounding area. You too are welcome to join our circle of customers and enjoy all the benefits.

Plumber in La Porte, TX - for all plumbing malfunctions

Today you can find dozens of plumbers in La Porte, but those who hold a certificate, undergo advanced training and have the most innovative equipment, are hard to find. With us, you can order a plumber in La Porte who meets the most stringent criteria and knows how to provide you with a complete and comprehensive plumbing solution that will solve all the plumbing problems in your home quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices for every pocket!

Plumber in La Porte available for you 24 hours a day

With us you can order a professional and reliable plumber in La Porte at an attractive price, The GEI Plumbing Services team is here for you in order to provide you with the most advanced solutions in the field of plumbing. You can order plumbing services in La Porte that will reach you quickly.

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Plumbing services in La Porte

Courteous and professional service 24 hours.
Repair of solar and electric boilers.
Plumbing fixtures replacement.
Liquidity detection and repair with advanced tools.
Opening of all types of blockages, pipe repairs.

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What services can a plumber in La Porte provide to you?

A plumber in La Porte knows how to provide you with a wide range of plumbing services to save you the order of additional professionals and the increased cost of work. Among the various services that our plumbers can provide you can be found:

Replacing a solar water heater.
Installing a water menorah.
Plumbing fixtures replacement.
Sewage pumping.
Flood pumping.
Bathroom renovation.
Installing a hidden Niagara.
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Quality Service is Our Guarantee

We offer a wide range of plumbing services catered to both residential and commercial clients

Leaky Faucet? No plumbing job is too big or too small. Contact us today!

Leaky Faucet? No plumbing job is too big or too small.

Plumber services in La Porte 24 hours a day

Piping does not choose one day to wake up in the morning and explode but approaches there in slow but sure steps and this is not a fate! Using a number of preliminary symptoms, it is possible to identify where the direction of the piping is going to prevent the next explosion. We have summarized the main symptoms that indicate an approaching explosion in the pipeline to help you prevent the next explosion. Afraid the plumbing is on the way to an explosion? We will be happy to provide you with a free guidance call and consultation during which we will understand the situation from you and recommend you the following steps!

Flowing water without opening a tap - Your water pipes work on the pressure of water coming from the water exchange and rising to your apartment, so there is always water in various pipes. When the faucet is closed, the water has nowhere to flow so they should stand and wait for one of the faucets to open so there is no reason to hear noises of water flowing from the walls. The noises from the walls may be coming from the neighbors, so we recommend that you make sure you have a leak by taking a quick look at your water clock when all the taps are closed. If it turns around, you have identified a leak and you should call a plumber at La Porte to come and fix it.
Stains on the walls - Walls do not respond well to water and therefore their leakage will cause a reaction of mold, mildew and swelling in the walls. If you have identified any of these symptoms in the winter, we recommend that you check that there is no external leakage as a result of the rains. In the summer there is no doubt that the reason for this is a leak in the pipes.
Inflated water bill - A leak attracts new water to the pipes, so if there was no deviation in water consumption in a particular month, but the cost of water was too high, it is very worthwhile to check if there is a leak in your home.

Common faults handled by a plumber in La Porte

Plumbing systems are usually built the same way, so their faults are quite similar. Our experience and expertise allow you to hire a plumber in La Porte who will know every fault and know how to handle it in the best way possible. Such a plumber will always prefer to work cleanly and not break down walls and floors but will do everything to provide you with an aesthetic and clean solution that will minimize the damage to your routine.

Most of these malfunctions are caused by one thing – improper use of plumbing systems. So, we recommend that you try to install filters in the various sinks and not throw heavy waste in the toilet (wet wipes of any kind, earplugs, pads, etc.). Other examples of stuff causing malfunctions.

Hair that penetrates the pipes.
Entry of food into the pipes through the kitchen sink.
Fat that accumulates in the bathtub as a result of using shampoos and soaps.
Disposal of heavy waste in the toilet (wet wipes, ear toothpicks, various hygiene products, etc.).

Did you identify a fault in your home’s plumbing? Call us today and we will be happy to assist you through a no-obligation consultation and guidance call in which we can understand your needs and tailor a customized and fast work plan for you at equal prices for every pocket.

To order a plumber in La Porte call now at  832-499-5257

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We offer a wide range of plumbing services catered to both residential and commercial clients

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Ask the Plumbing expert

Our extensive experience in the field of plumbing has helped us to identify specific questions that occur many times from the various clients we have dealt with over time. So, we decided to focus on the main ones to help you better understand the world of plumbing.

Why is there a smell of sewage from the sink
The sinks are the interface point of the sewer system with your home and through them the various liquids flow from your sinks. Over time, dirt accumulates in the pipes themselves and on the deck installed under the sink and begins to smell horrible sewage.
How can a hidden water leak be detected
This type of water leak can cause significant damage to the walls of your home so if you have detected an increase in your water bill but no increase in water consumption, we recommend recording the meter reading at night and comparing the reading in the morning. If consumption has gone up, you probably have a hidden leak.
What can be done to get rid of the awful smell in the sink
With a few simple steps you can remove the deck, clean it and get rid of the odor and dirt. All you have to do is disassemble the deck (do not forget to place a bucket under the sink to prevent spillage of liquids) and clean it using a screwdriver or any other thin object. To clean it best it is recommended to soak the deck in a bucket with water and bleach for an hour so that all the dirt comes out.
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