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    We are a plumbing service company with knowledge and experience in repairing various hazards in the sewer or tire piping. Such as fractures, blockages, holes, foreign objects and more in different sizes in the pipeline and under different environmental conditions.

    Plumbing fixture - A common problem

    Today in almost every building or institution after its construction there are many hazards in pipes or gutters (tires). All this is caused as a result of the reckless or inaccurate work of the teams, so spot correction is very important. Failure to repair the piping can cause many problems such as, leaks, moisture, rot and even up to the collapse of various systems (over time).


    Repairing plumbing is a time consuming and very complex operation. It starts by cleaning the line as much as possible, then moves on to the step of sanding the line and cutting the hazard. After cutting, start by sealing the hole itself or milling the section that we sealed in order to restore shafts or Necessary transitions. Sometimes this work becomes especially complicated when reaching different angles or narrow passages.

    Plumbing fixture - The need for advanced equipment

    Damage to the line as a result of its compaction due to a blow or trampling of a heavy vehicle in the field can also pose a complex challenge to its repair. The device with which facilities are equipped is very complex and advanced and includes many parts, and special heads designed to handle and meet various challenges:

    Sanding the line
    Cutting of one or another root that has penetrated the line
    Cutting irons or other bodies
    Breaking blockages
    Breaking solid materials such as concrete and more

    The proliferation of construction in the country is like many challenges and repairing the hazards in the pipes is one of them. The detection of such hazards must be done before you and it is done by photographing the lines. Even when we approach the repair work we will continue to take pictures and use a professional camera in order to be a few That are more accurate in locating the hazard and treating it.

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    we charge only 39$ service call, will Diagnose the plumbing issue and give you an estimate to repair it
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    Leaky Faucet? No plumbing job is too big or too small