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We here for you

OPEN 24/7

We here for you

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plumbing is what we do

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

plumbing is what we do

Professional Certified Plumbers

With a work rate second to none we ensure a quick turnover on all projects whether big or small.

General Plumbing Maintenance

Leaky faucet? Clogged toilet? We got you covered with our wide range of plumbing maintenance services.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

No matter the time or day we are on call to serve you.

Quality Service is Our Guarantee

We offer a wide range of plumbing services catered to both residential and commercial clients.

Why Choose GEI Plumbing Services

We have many clients in Houston and the surrounding area. You too are welcome to join our circle of customers and enjoy all the benefits.

24 Hour Plumbing Suger Land

Repair of leaks, repair of damaged pipes and repair of pipe explosions
Advanced technological equipment for liquidity detection
Courtesy, professionalism and service 24/7
Opening blockages for both residential and commercial clients
Inspection and replacement of heating elements for solar and electric boilers
Biobit services - pumping floods, opening blockages with high water pressure

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Suger Land Emergency Plumber

Flooding of water or sewage will not wait for magic to stop it and it will continue until irreversible damage is done to your furniture, appliances and even the infrastructure of your building. So, in cases of flooding, do not wait. It is advisable to immediately call a plumber in Sugar Land who will arrive quickly and stop the flooding in time at affordable and fair prices. We at GEI Plumbing Services are available to you 24 hours a day.

Let us help you find the right plumber in Suger Land

In Sugar Land, in a way that surprises many people around the world, everyone believes they have a professional knowledge and base their opinion about that. The average American has advice for the prime minister and economy minister on how to run the country. In general, the average American is sure that he does not have to call for help for any leak in the toilet or a blockage in the shower, and that he can take care of it himself, without paying and without the help of experts. But such a decision may turn out to be a mistake, which will later cause an even more serious problem and the result will also be an even greater financial outlay.

Therefore, if you have a plumbing problem and you are interested in a professional and thorough repair and not a one-time gig, that is also not clear if it will hold, the smartest step is to order the services of a plumber in Sugar Land.

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Quality Service is Our Guarantee

We offer a wide range of plumbing services catered to both residential and commercial clients

Leaky Faucet? No plumbing job is too big or too small. Contact us today!

Leaky Faucet? No plumbing job is too big or too small.

Plumber in Sugar land - professionalism and safety above all

Whether you live in the city of Sugar Land itself or in its vicinity and you also experience the effects of a pipe that exploded or live in an old building where the pipe was never replaced, what you need is a professional, such as a plumber in Sugar Land who can examine, diagnose and recommend the problem. The best method to deal with the problem. Many people try to fix the problem on their own and usually the result – causing even greater damage and exacerbating the problem. The job of a plumber in Sugar Land is to maintain work rules and safety at work such as keeping curious children away from the workplace or if necessary, also asking to turn off the electricity or turn off the main faucet to minimize the danger as much as possible.

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How to choose plumber in Sugar land?

The choice of a plumber in Sugar Land must therefore be a choice based on careful and thorough preparatory work which will also guarantee you the best result. Therefore, before making a final decision, it is necessary to verify the following details:

Diploma - Check in advance whether the plumber you are talking to has a training certificate to engage in the field of plumbing and what his area of ​​expertise is. If the plumber does not have a certificate, but he looks professional and reliable to you, find out what his experience in the field is, and whether he has the option of providing you with the names and phones of recommenders.
Price - Most plumbers do not work with a printed and neat price list and do not even print or publish a price list on their website. Usually, the reason is that there is no fixed price for each action. Each type of repair can come up differently and can be determined only after the professional has diagnosed the problem.
Statement - Only after the plumber has diagnosed the problem, ask for a final and accurate statement. This way you will know in advance what the expected expenditure is and decide whether the price is reasonable for you or whether you would like to go and get another opinion.
Experience - It is important to make sure that the plumber you choose has experience fixing problems of the type that are relevant to you.
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We offer a wide range of plumbing services catered to both residential and commercial clients

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Ask the Plumbing expert

Our extensive experience in the field of plumbing has helped us to identify specific questions that occur many times from the various clients we have dealt with over time. So, we decided to focus on the main ones to help you better understand the world of plumbing.

Why is there a smell of sewage from the sink
The sinks are the interface point of the sewer system with your home and through them the various liquids flow from your sinks. Over time, dirt accumulates in the pipes themselves and on the deck installed under the sink and begins to smell horrible sewage.
How can a hidden water leak be detected
This type of water leak can cause significant damage to the walls of your home so if you have detected an increase in your water bill but no increase in water consumption, we recommend recording the meter reading at night and comparing the reading in the morning. If consumption has gone up, you probably have a hidden leak.
What can be done to get rid of the awful smell in the sink
With a few simple steps you can remove the deck, clean it and get rid of the odor and dirt. All you have to do is disassemble the deck (do not forget to place a bucket under the sink to prevent spillage of liquids) and clean it using a screwdriver or any other thin object. To clean it best it is recommended to soak the deck in a bucket with water and bleach for an hour so that all the dirt comes out.
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